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Introducing Emisoft's environmental and GHG reporting system

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Gain complete visibility of your carbon footprint and environmental performance with our reporting system

Carbon Footprint (Klimaregnskap)

Calculate and report your organisation’s carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol with our user friendly standard reporting software GHG123

Custom Reporting Solutions

Get the full picture of your organisation’s environmental impact with custom inputs, calculations and reports built on our robust Emisoft 7 platform


Get assistance with environmental certifications and climate reports from our experienced consultants


Our carbon footprint software, GHG123, includes the following categories in Scope 1, 2 & 3:



  • Fuel Consumption
  • Company Owned Vehicles
  • Direct Emissions
  • Energy Consumption
  • Transport
  • Business Travel
  • Employee Commuting
  • Waste
  • Purchased Materials
  • Water Consumption
  • Waste Water
  • Other Scope 3 Emissions

Empowering Greater
Environmental Performance

For more than twenty years, Emisoft has been meeting the needs of one of the world’s most carbon-efficient oil and gas producers.
On the sustainability page of their website, Equinor boldly asks “Can an oil and gas company be part of a sustainable energy future?” Clearly, they believe the answer is yes.

Good for the planet.
good for business.


  • Emissions
  • Footprints
  • Wastes
  • Costs


  • Efficiency
  • Compliance
  • Motivation
  • Reputation

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