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Why Emisoft

More Than Reporting.

Gain new insights into your environmental performance and carbon footprint, with our efficient reporting software.

Across all types of different industries, Emisoft is empowering organisations with greater understanding of their environmental impact and carbon footprint. We have everything you need for effective environmental and climate reporting, plus one unique feature: decades of environmental and climate expertise.


Decades of experience in the environmental field are reflected in the functionality, detail and intelligence of our environmental performance and reporting software, including preconfigured core environmental applications to monitor everything from air and water emissions to energy management and more.
Emisoft are leaders in environmental performance reporting. Their software and highly competent team have supported all our environmental accounting and reporting for more than 23 years. It’s a solution that makes for efficient, dependable environmental reporting and easier, faster auditing.
-Kari Moe, Leader Management System Services, Equinor
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Best-in-class collection, calculation, workflow and reporting engines enable sophisticated, scalable data processing and provide you with one complete, clear picture of complex environmental data, collected from all sources and stored and processed on one environmental management software platform.
We have more than 10,000 companies registered on the system, and Emisoft enables us to simplify annual reporting to the competent authorities. It’s a highly powerful and flexible environmental performance system.
-Filip Radovic, Director, Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)
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Accurate and automated workflows for collection, processing and approval preserve environmental performance data integrity and enable full traceability, transparency and compliance, with a seamless audit trail and visual models of calculations.
Emisoft improves the traceability and transparency of our environmental data, saving us time during analysis and reporting. Changes can be readily handled, and we can be confident that the data is consistent and comparable across the entire organization.
-Wenche Hals Kulset, Senior Engineer, Norsk Hydro
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An intelligent, highly scalable and customisable design lets you expand and configure modules, applications, analyses and reports as needed, so you can more easily adapt to changing environmental performance and reporting requirements and future needs.
After implementation, we added several locations to the solution and now monitor more than 60 plants across 15 countries. Emisoft provides us with an enterprise-wide centralised system, enabling consistent and streamlined environmental performance reporting and sustainability processes.
-Christopher Zachhuber, Group Expert Environment and Energy – HSE, Borealis
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Our fully incorporated and scalable environmental performance management solution includes all applications, modules, functionality and content on a single-code base platform and allows for easy integration with existing data collection systems and methods.
Emisoft automatic integrations with our production systems ensures up-to-date numbers and a single, reliable source of environmental data.
-Anne Hilde Midttveit, Group Responsible for Quality, Environment and CSR, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA


Fully featured, in-built environmental performance modules incorporate top-quality business intelligence, GIS functionality and integrated data libraries as well as scenario forecasting, disclosure reporting, and constraint and permit management.
Our environmental reporting brings value to the whole defence sector. The reports are very detailed, so we’re able to highlight areas for improvement and run ‘what-if’ scenarios to see how we may perform next year.
-Øyvind Voie, Research Manager, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt (FFI)
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Over 24 years, we’ve built up the two competencies needed to deliver quality in our work: thorough database understanding and environmental data knowledge.

Knut Årrestad, Solution Architect, Emisoft

What You Get

Reduced manual
labour needs
process and data
traceable results
integration with
existing systems
processing & QA

Emisoft By Numbers

Emisoft helped to deliver a zero discharge strategy for Norway’s oil and gas industry, processes 84% of all CO2 emissions from Norway’s offshore industry and manages 16.5% of all CO2 emissons in Norway.

of environmental reporting
calculations processed annually
reports produced annually

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