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A New Era for Emisoft

We’re proud to introduce the new Emisoft, now with a sharper message and identity that is focused on our strengths. The process to get here has been illuminating, as we analysed deeply the solutions we offer and problems we solve for our customers, and how we provide the best value in our partnerships.

Emisoft Environmental Management Software

Our history spans nearly 25 years, and in that time, our company message and the products and services we provide have evolved—largely by adapting to the needs of the customers with whom we share long partnerships.

Competition in the environmental management software market is fierce, with many large companies vying for attention. To find our place and be effective in finding customers with the types of needs we solve best, we had to take a long, hard look at our abilities and our competitive advantages. What defines us? What do we offer that is unique? What do we provide for our customers, beyond environmental management software?

We needed to define who we are and let that shape our approach going forward. In this process, we identified very clearly four critical elements of Emisoft: our purpose, our positioning, our value proposition and our personality.

It is important to us that the benefits we provide are clearly visible, to provide a match for anyone looking to solve particular challenges with environmental management.

We’re so pleased with what we discovered, the result of which is on display on our new website and in all our other content and communications. We’re confident our new brand will help us focus on customers looking to partner with our unique strengths, agility and depth of experience.

We invite you to browse our new website to experience the new Emisoft brand. And we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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