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Industrial Evolution.

Achieve better reporting and improved performance for your organisation with efficient environmental and climate data management.

Since 1992 Emisoft has worked with clients in a range of industries, from oil and gas companies and metal processors to salmon farms and commercial companies, helping each one to better enter, manage, understand and report its environmental and climate data.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries emisoft

To meet both increasing global demand and wide-ranging regulatory requirements, major energy companies need full visibility and improved environmental impact reporting throughout their operational chain, including onshore and offshore exploration, development and production, and downstream activities.

Emisoft’s robust environmental data management platform lets oil and gas companies like Equinor see and report on big-picture results as well as specific details, giving you greater understanding and control of how your operations impact the environment and your bottom line. Manage applications such as discharge to water, emissions to air, chemical use and discharge, accidental discharges, waste generation, radioactivity, laboratory data, freshwater use and more with one comprehensive, integrated environmental data management solution.

  • Preset for OSPAR requirements
  • Allows carbon management at operational and corporate levels
  • Supports zero-discharge strategy (chemicals)
  • Range of communication with other systems
  • Offers per-job, per-unit or grouped results
  • Widest range of environmental reports available
  • Additional functional support and consultancy available
Demonstrating a focus on environmental sustainability is becoming more important in our industry, and Emisoft not only helps us with compliance reporting but also understanding our environmental impact. They are an important stakeholder for us.
Kari Moe, Leader Management System Services, Equinor
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Metals & Mining

Metal Mining Emisoft

Local and global environmental regulations require metal and mining organisations to monitor and report on their water management, air quality impact and site biodiversity, and even calculate the global warming potential of their operations. In this industry, environmental data collection is challenging, compliance requirements change and environmental impact can affect public perception.

Emisoft provides a complete environmental data management and reporting system, in accordance with ISO 14001 and EMAS. Our strong, dependable platform lets organisations like Hydro manage their regulatory compliance, helps identify opportunities to improve environmental impact and supports the complicated process of site certification.

  • Comprehensive environmental data management for mining, refining and production
  • Satisfies EU-ETS, EPRTR and IED 2010/75/EU guidelines
  • Offers control of environmental impact at both plant and corporate levels
  • Integrated accident response and reporting
Emisoft improves traceability and transparency of our environmental data, thus saving us time during analysis and reporting. Changes can be readily handled, and we can be confident that the data is consistent across the organisation.
Wenche Hals Kulset, Senior Engineer, Norsk Hydro
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Utilities emisoft

Today’s power utility industry faces numerous challenges, from national and international compliance regulations to uncertainty of the future of climate policies and related carbon taxing to demonstrating operational excellence to stakeholders in a highly competitive global market.

Emisoft adheres to ISO 14001 and EMAS, and provides utility organisations with a proven, powerful and agile environmental data management solution for managing difficult and critical data while monitoring regulatory compliance at national and international levels.

  • Helps with EU ETS reporting
  • Follows ISO 14001 and EMAS
  • Offers fully traceable hazardous and non-hazardous waste management
  • Calculates carbon numbers for transparent taxation
Due to the utilities sector’s social and economic impact, companies are under strong pressure to improve their efficiency to achieve not only greater cost competitiveness but also an outstanding level of environmental performance.
Deloitte, Future of the Global Power report, 2015


Aquaculture industries emisoft

Local and global regulatory reguirements, the slightest climate shifts and even consumer interest can influence the function and profitability of aquaculture organisations. Everyday sustainability management needs to be transparent and uncomplicated, and environmental data reporting must be precise and verifiable.

Emisoft presents a streamlined, flexible and dependable means of collecting, managing and reporting all environmental data required by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification. Monitor everyday data such as feed usage, fish treatments and fuel consumption to manage and report your organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions, parasiticide treatment index, calculated biochemical oxygen demand and more—all on one integrated data management platform.

  • Tracks farm-specific operational data and progress over time
  • Reports according to ASC, GRI and CDP standards
  • Includes dashboard functionality and one-click reports
  • Reduces manual work and labor hours
  • Standardises environmental data management, collection and reporting methods
Emisoft has been an important partner in our sustainability accounting and reporting for several years. Their environmental data management solution has been of great help in our efforts to certify our fish farms according to the global GAP and ASC standards.
Anne Hilde Midttveit, Group Responsible for Quality, Environment and CSR, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA

Environmental Authorities


Transparency and traceability are key in the often-changing sectors of national and international environmental regulation. Standards and requirements vary greatly by region and country, yet all demand comprehensive, reliable environmental reporting.

Emisoft provides powerful, integrated environmental data management and reporting in a proven solution that’s flexible enough to meet your current and future needs. With solutions configured for specific regional and international requirements, organisations like the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency benefits from streamlined environmental data processing and simplified reporting while maintaining compliance.

  • Meets standards of Euro Star, ECDG, EEA, OECD, UNEP, UNECE, WHO and more
  • Includes forecasting capability to predict future performance
  • Helps set national environmental and pollution targets
  • Reduces time spent on environmental data management & collection
  • Helps evaluate and adjust national environmental policies
SEPA has successfully performed two years of reporting using Emisoft. We have never had better environmental data quality and fewer errors during the reporting period.
Filip Radovic, Director, Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)
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Decomissioning emisoft

As production facilities age out of operation, they require precision dismantling, classifying, recycling and disposal. Every aspect must be tracked and reported, a process made easier and more efficient with valuable experiential insight and accurate, comprehensive reporting.

Emisoft supports your decommissioning activities with integrated permit and limit management, complete chain-of-custody monitoring and preconfigured applications for environmental accounting by topic, from emissions to air and energy consumption to noise sampling and waste management. Our powerful environmental data management platform lets you monitor multiple locations and projects simulatneously, with the confidence of knowing your data and reporting is backed by decades of specialised environmental experience.

  • Monitor, manage and report projected and actual discharges according to permitted limits
  • Track and manage multiple locations, projects and permits
  • Complies with national and international regulations for handling of hazardous materials
  • Inbuilt expertise and flexibility for environmental data handling and both external and internal reporting


Emisoft enables us to meet requirements that come from contracts, standards, laws and regulations, as well as the requirements we set for ourselves through our own quality system.
Ingunn Ohm Skåsheim, Logistics Coordinator, AF Offshore Decom

Chemical Industry

Chemical Industries emisoft

International regulations are strict, and political pressure and vulnerability are high when it comes to the chemical industry. Operations can affect land, water and air, and the environmental impact can be far-reaching and significant, involving such things as biodiversity, habitat loss and deforestation, as well as operational compliance, business permissions and public perception.

Emisoft delivers a powerful environmental data management solution for monitoring and managing the environmental impact of your operations. With integrated, comprehensive management of all water, energy and emissions data, our environmental data management platform enables more efficient and accurate reporting in compliance with the major international regulations and initiatives, helping mitigate any risk to both the environment and your business.

  • Industry-leading monitoring applications support compliance activities
  • Complies with ISO 14001 and EMAS
  • Follows EU-ETS, EPRTR, EED, US EPA and IED 2010/75/EU guidelines
  • Supports Responsible Care initiative guidelines
Emisoft has provided us with an enterprise-wide centralised system for consistent and streamlined sustainability and reporting processes. It helps us track our emissions, waste amounts, energy and water consumption across all our plants internationally.
Christopher Zachhuber, Group Expert Environment and Energy – HSE, Borealis
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