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How It Works


Improve corporate performance and sustainability with complete visibility of your organisation’s environmental impact on one environmental management software platform.

Measuring the total environmental impact of your operations is challenging. Data flows from varied sources, in multiple formats and on different schedules. Understanding what it all means requires power, precision and insight—things a light ERP plugin or general EHS software don’t have.

Superior Tech

Our robust, comprehensive environmental management software platform enables large organisations to enter, manage, understand and report complex environmental data in one compliant, traceable and transparent system.

Specialist Team

Our expert team combines decades of experience and a deep understanding of all aspects of environmental data collection, analysis and reporting with a genuine passion for improving corporate sustainability.

How it works


Gather all of your organisation’s complex environmental data,
on your schedule and according to your requirements.

Multiple sites, multiple formats

Enterprise-wide data collection;
Supports your environmental reporting frequency

Variable data entry

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual entry options;
Integrates with existing environmental data collection processes and systems

Core applications included

Able to customise for unique and future requirements


All data is processed by the same powerful, scalable environmental management software platform,
designed for easy configuration and expansion.

Powerful components

Best-in-class calculation and workflow engines;
Custom business intelligence;
Flexible report designer

Integrated data libraries

Flexible, collaborative, fully editable libraries for user-generated and regulatory data

Comprehensive features

Customisable dashboards;
Comprehensive task management ;
Manageable constraint settings

Centralised data storage

Onsite or cloud-based options

Decades of expert experience

A passion for improving environmental sustainability


Analyse and report on every aspect of your environmental impact,
with accurate and consistent results you can trust—and prove.

Intuitive, comprehensive dashboards

Enables flexible environmental management and analysis and easy reporting

External reports

Meets local, national and international requirements

Internal reports

Full access to create custom reports for internal understanding and analysis

Full traceability & transparency

Supports faster, easier environmental auditing

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manage environmental performance?

A team of Experts

In addition to leading technology specialists, our team consists of environmental scientists, marine biologists, economists, forestry experts, environmental engineers and more, with specialties that include solution and interface design, software design and architecture, quality assurance, environmental regulations, ecotoxicology and project management.

Even beyond the powerful platform and functionalities, the environmental knowledge built into our applications lets clients fully rely on Emisoft and trust their results.

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Getting Started

A highly configurable and flexible environmental management software platform. The seamless integration with existing systems and impressively fast implementation will make your transition to improved reporting and environmental health as easy as:

Scope & Quote

  • Set up an exploratory call to understand your environmental management needs.
  • Provide a tailored online demo of our technology.
  • Define scope and provide a quotation.
  • Discuss and tailor proposal.


  • Further investigate your precise needs.
  • Collaborate to map out your precise environmental management software solution.
  • Configure the solution with your organisation’s information and settings.
  • Test and deploy the solution.
  • Deliver user training.

Implementation timeframe depends on the scale, scope and complexity of your requirements.

Support & Refine

  • Provide ongoing user and technical support.
  • Jointly evaluate performance and refine your solution as needed.
  • Provide additional customisation services as required.
  • Provide environmental measurement and reporting consultancy as required.

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