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Frequently Asked Questions.

Emisoft draws on decades of environmental and greenhouse gases reporting and expertise to provide support, answers and understanding for current and potential clients. If your question isn’t addressed here, please get in touch so we can help.

Business Value

Is Emisoft right for my business?

If you need to collect, convert and use a large amount of numerical data from multiple sites and you want it done in a efficient and transparent way, Emisoft's environmental and carbon footprint reporting software is right for you.

Our current system cannot be adjusted to our needs, and we often have to create time-consuming work-arounds. How can we be sure that Emisoft will be able to adjust to our changing needs?

Emisoft has been developing environmental data software solutions for more than 25 years, and we are now on our seventh generation platform. This journey has taught us that flexibility is a core need for our customers. Our environmental data management and carbon footprint platform is built with change in mind, and our three-layer architecture ensures that changes, adaptations and improvements can be done without the need of custom coding.

Over the years we’ve developed very bespoke approaches to capturing and processing our environmental data. Can Emisoft be easily tailored to our specific needs?

Yes. We have done this many times, and the existing structure of capturing and processing data is valuable in helping us understand specific requirements and needs. Our experienced consultants will analyse your situation and propose a plan to transfer, improve and optimize your processes using Emisoft environmental data software.

Why is Emisoft better than Excel?

Emisoft provides one powerful fully integrated platform for all your environmental and climate data, offering traceability, transparency and collaboration that Excel cannot provide. Users can see and manage all data factors and data entries, so they see how results are generated. All data is fully traceable, which lets you identify the source and simplifies the audit process. All data is stored in the environmental data management system indefinitely, which eliminates the hassle of file archives, and colleagues can collaborate in real-time with accurate and consistent results. For example, different operators and suppliers can enter environmental data at the same time, while the manager has real-time visibility of ongoing processes. All of this greatly reduces the rate of error compared to managing multiple Excel spreadsheets throughout an organisation.

Traceability & Transparency

How is property data for emissions calculations stored and accessed?

Emisoft uses comprehensive environmental data libraries to organise and manage all factors used in emissions calculations, including emission factors, impact factors, constants and both qualitative and quantitative property data. Authorised users have full access to the data libraries and can enter, edit, update or delete factor information anytime. All data remains fully transparent and is easily accessed during audits.

Can I access my organisation's historical data?

All historical data, including past operations data and emissions calculations, are stored in the application and can be recalled easily when needed. Users can also set up reports based on historical environmental management data.

Does Emisoft track changes in the system?

All changes are recorded in detail and can be viewed by users in the change log. A unique and important feature of Emisoft's environmental data reporting software is that the complete change history is available for review at the transaction level, which helps users understand the extent and reasons behind changes made by other users. A comprehensive change log is provided.

Data Entry

How frequently can we enter data?

The schedule and frequency of data entry depends on the user's requirements. All applications within our environmental data software solutions support a range of data entry methods and frequencies, including by minute, hour, day, week, month, quarter and year.

Do you support system integrations?

Yes, Emisoft can integrate with other systems on both input and output. Typically the environment management solution integrates with existing ERPs, production systems, meters and sensors on the input, and corporate or ERP systems on the output.

Can I import data from Excel?

Yes. Importing data from Excel is a standard feature for all data entry schemas.

How can I monitor the status of data entry throughout my organisation?

Emisoft includes a sophisticated quality assurance program, which continuously monitors environmental data quality and provides the status of data entry at the various input points within your organisation. Managers can review the entry status and data quality at any time using our intuitive dashboards, which also display the progress of data entry as an easy-to-read graph.


Can I export data from the environment data system?

Yes. All reports, charts and tables can be exported and saved in a variety of formats, including xls, csv, pdf and jpg.

Implementation & Training

How long does implementation take?

Implementation time depends on the scope of the solution and whether any configuration is required. If additional configuration is needed to meet custom environmental management and reporting requirements (e.g., importing of historical data or building of specific reporting structures), implementation will take more time. To assess how your organisation's needs may impact implementation time, request a free consultation with a member of our team.

How do you schedule training?

Training is incorporated into the solution implementation. We provide training materials such as Quick Start Guide and eLearning Videos. Additional training is available upon request outside of implementation, such as when new users join an organisation or new features are made available on the platform.

Hosting & Support

What documentation is provided with Emisoft?

We include full end-user and technical documentation with the Emisoft environment management solution.

What hosting options do you provide?

Emisoft can provide both on-premise hosting and cloud hosting.

Understand & Report

Which units does Emisoft use for measurements?

The platform has the capability to use SI units or other (e.g., US) units as base units, depending on your needs. The standard solution is configured with SI as base units but can convert to other formats. Emisoft can also provide the same data in multiple units, e.g., chemical data can be presented in both volume and mass.

How do I set up a new report, and would I need support from Emisoft?

Our web-based report designer tool enables users to design their own reports and dashboard elements, which can be kept private or be made public to other system users. All this can be done without the involvement of Emisoft.


Is it possible to assign different system privileges and access to different users?

Yes, access and privileges are managed through roles. Administrators have control over defining individual users, roles and access. The system supports unlimited number of roles; however, we recommend limiting the total number of different roles to keep maintenance low and security high.

What is the pricing model for Emisoft?

We offer SaaS subscriptions for our carbon footprint software, GHG123, and custom pricing models for our customized environmental reporting solutions. For an estimate of your needs and cost, please request a quote from our sales consultants.

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