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Equinor Upgrade To New Emisoft Environmental Management System

Equinor, is one of the world’s leading oil and gas producers and a client of Emisoft since 1993. Equinor and Emisoft have worked closely together across the last two decades to ensure that they can continuously streamline Equinor’s environmental reporting, improve sustainability performance and meet regulatory compliance.

Now, Equinor are set to revolutionise their environmental reporting and excel their sustainability performance even further as they upgrade their entire organisation to a new solution designed and customised specifically for their needs. This is an exciting and significant upgrade project for Emisoft with a key global client.


Testing and introduction of key modules and applications

This large and complex project is now closing in on an important milestone. Emisoft has delivered many of the applications and modules of the new, upgraded version of our Environmental Reporting Solution to Equinor. Each application has gone through rigorous Acceptance Testing after delivery, with change requests identified and processed along the way.

Last month, we delivered the Waste Management application and the final of 4 parts of our “Energy & Emission to Air” application – the Fugitives, Energy, Combustion and Process subtopics. The “Energy & Emission to Air” application is used by both downstream and upstream business areas in Equinor and contains the greatest complexity of all the applications in the solution. This application is absolutely critical to Equinor’s commitment to measuring and increasing sustainability performance.

These applications have passed Emisoft’s Factory Acceptance Test and are now being flooded with transactional data for Equinor’s Acceptance Testing this Spring.

Efficient, effective delivery methodology

The module by module delivery methodology used on this project has ensured thorough early testing by Emisoft and enabled the Equinor EHS management team to ensure focused testing on the delivered applications and modules.

Due to the strict acceptance criteria incorporated into the AT phase, Equinor staff are only required to contribute a minimal level of time and effort in testing the new solution.  Our expert environmental consultants cooperate very closely with Equinor, resolving any clarifications needed as they arise.

Next Steps

During the next few weeks, the final applications of Equinor’s new custom environmental management solution will be delivered – the Production application (for upstream activities) and the Chemicals Management application.

All Master Data for delivered topics is already available in the new solution, the next step is for our team to migrate all of Equinor’s current transactional data to the upgraded solution. Prior to go live, all 2018 data will be added to Equinor’s new Environmental Management System with historical data migrated soon after.

We will keep you all posted on this exciting upgrade project as it swiftly progresses and share Equinor’s experiences with their new, user-friendly, feature rich, regulatory compliant environmental management solution, designed by the expert Emisoft team.

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