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Equinor Environmental Reporting System: Project Update

One of Emisoft’s longest-standing customers, Equinor, is a leading international energy company present in more than 30 countries around the world. Currently the oil and gas producer is in the middle of a project to upgrade to the latest generation of our environmental reporting software system.

About the Update:

Success criteria for the environmental reporting software upgrade project include the continued delivery of Equinor’s usual high-quality results with an updated calculation engine, the successful introduction of new calculation workflows and an improved user experience.

Other oil and gas clients, such as ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS, are already operational on the new generation environmental reporting software, and Emisoft are able to draw on industry and subject-matter experience to deliver the powerful, tailored solution Equinor needs to fit their scale and organisation.

Project Status:

Analysis and design for Equinor’s largest business areas was completed in the spring of 2016, and configuration of the environmental management software started soon after the design was approved. Emisoft have delivered several environmental reporting applications and modules already. Now we are working to complete the largest and most complex topics for Equinor: Chemical Management, Energy Management and Emissions to Air. These topics are especially complex because of the number of calculations needed to produce the correct emissions numbers and also due to the large number of sites and data entry points contributing data to the calculations.


Next Steps:

Once all topics have been completed and tested individually, Emisoft will execute a Factory Acceptance Test of the chemical management, energy and emissions to air configurations. After a successful FAT, we will deliver the applications to Equinor for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Emisoft will immediately start analysis and design for the remaining business areas, all of which have simpler structures and fewer locations than the applications that have been delivered. The configuration phase for these will be short, as we can use much of the functionality already built into the previous environmental reporting modules and applications.

Download the case study to learn how Equinor have been successfully using Emisoft’s environmental reporting software to monitor and manage environmental performance since 1992.



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