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Feature Spotlight: At-A-Glance Dashboard Functionality

Everyone likes good, explanatory graphics, but often they can be difficult and time-consuming to create. The Emisoft environmental management solution provides a variety of standard “at-a-glance” graphics and tables to help users understand and communicate the information and insights involved in managing and reporting their environmental data.

In the Emisoft environmental management software solution, the level of aggregation from one measuring point to a division or the whole company is determined by the user’s access level, managed through user and role definitions in our software.

Typically, users with the highest level of access can see vast amounts of information, and it can become important to limit or pinpoint what is constantly visible in the dashboard. Our interface allows each user to pick from any available parameters, ensuring that they are able to follow the information most pertinent to them at any given time.

We are all different when it comes to visual preferences. To accommodate this, we allow each user to select their preferred chart type, such as pie chart, bar chart, etc. In some instances, a user may prefer to visualize the information in a table. An extensive colour palette is available to help accentuate important environmental data variables and trends.

environmental management software

Emisoft offers regular updates to all customers, with upgrades usually available every 12-18 months for our environmental management solutions. Your set dashboard preferences will be saved through any upgrades, even if choices for visualisation may change and widen with each update.

Dashboards can be especially helpful in certain situations, such as:

  • To track actual emissions versus permits
  • To check whether all locations in your division have logged current data
  • To evaluate current performance versus past years
  • To track performance versus set goals

In addition, it is possible to set up integration with Power BI or other business intelligence tools, allowing corporate management to set up dashboards in a familiar environment using current data from Emisoft. This dashboard integration is also useful for employees who aren’t yet entered into the Emisoft system.

Experience the functionality for yourself and learn how Emisoft can improve your environmental reporting and corporate performance – request a demo of our environmental management software solution. Our specialist team of environmental data management experts will provide a guided demo tailored to your specific needs


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