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Proven, Powerful Environmental Data Workflows and Transparency

Our environmental data management system includes a powerful calculation engine capable of a variety of highly complex calculations from standard, challenging, high-frequency and high-volume data.

As with all of our data processing, each calculation is fully transparent and traceable. A visual representation of calculations is also available, showing every part of a calculation and offering many advantages for improved environmental data management.

Reporting, control and management

Many environmental situations present varying degrees of complexity, whether because of the sheer volume of data, number of measuring points or even the properties of a substance being measured, such as CO2. The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) includes mandatory reporting of CO2 emissions, with caps set on the volume of CO2 allowed from each organisation.

In these cases, complexity can become costly, as emission cap overruns result in the compulsory purchase of carbon offsets. Having high-quality environmental data with fully auditable processing and calculations is crucial for all organisations required to report their emissions.

The calculation models provided in our environmental management  software solution visually show every step of each calculation made, including which factors are used. This gives unprecedented data transparency and traceability for the most complex calculations. Additionally, all transactions are logged, so it is always possible to see when and by whom any transaction was entered or edited.

environmental data reporting model

Environmental data process modelling

The calculation engine of Emisoft’s environmental data management system also allows for visual modelling of industrial processes, giving a clear overview of the environmental parameters involved in each stage of the process. The visual display includes factors for the parameters involved, simultaneously calculating emissions and discharges for each step and for the entire process.

This greatly supports management and continual improvements of the process, both incrementally for each individual stage, as well as for the entire process. The workflow can even be changed directly in the visual representation.

This process modelling provides information which is useful in many situations, such as providing full traceability and transparency for managers and auditors, illustrating a business case in which better equipment will upgrade part of a process, or supplying a visual method of informing key users of how a process is set up.

Forecasting possibilities

For some customers, visual process modelling can be used in forecasting scenarios. It will be possible to purchase a separate module especially built for forecasting, which can be particularly useful for:

  • Organisations running programs focused on greenhouse gas reduction
  • National environmental organisations and departments
  • Organisations with high emissions
  • Statistical projections
  • National budgets (to project how much income is expected from CO2 taxation)

For more information about our environmental data calculation workflows and transparency measures, get in touch with our specialist team or request a demo tailored to your specific needs.

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