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Emisoft and Fjordkraft – A Proud Partnership

Emisoft is proud to partner with Fjordkraft to deliver climate management monitoring and carbon reporting to their customers. Fjordkraft is a major corporate power supplier in Norway, servicing both private and public sector companies.

Unlike other competitors in the field, Fjordkraft act as the “complete power supplier” for your business, providing competitive pricing alongside a suite of energy management tools to help corporate customers maintain control over their energy consumption, reduce costs and ensure sustainable environmental performance. 

New Climate and Carbon Reporting Capabilities 

Among this suite of energy management tools, Fjordkraft corporate customers now have access to a new climate management tool, which measures your carbon footprint and helps to determine how you can compensate for your company’s emissions and improve sustainability. This data and information offers valuable use in tender and bidding processes for Fjordkraft’s customers as well as for informing annual sustainability reporting.  

Fjordkraft have been climate neutral since 2007 and wanted to play a role in helping their customers to achieve the same feat. The development of their new intelligent climate management tool is the result of a close partnership with the Emisoft team, who used their decades of experience with climate and carbon reporting to create a resourceful technology suite for Fjordkraft customers.

Partnering with Emisoft

Over the last two decades, Emisoft have been responsible for developing innovative, powerful environmental management and reporting systems for leading global companies such as Equinor (Statoil), Borealis, Hydro Aluminium, Saint-Gobain and more and so were best placed to serve as expert advisors in the development of this new tool for Fjordkraft. 

“Emisoft have been working on climate and carbon reporting across the past two decades. The climate report provides an opportunity for companies to achieve sustainable performance, both economically and environmentally.” 

Fabian Hassel, COO, Emisoft. 

Powering Greater Environmental Sustainability in Norway 

Emisoft As is proud to partner with Fjordkraft to power greater environmental performance for companies in Norway. We look forward to progressing this partnership further and continuing to evolve how Fjordkraft customers can manage, monitor and report on key environmental performance metrics. 

For more information on our partnership with Fjordkraft and their new climate reporting capabilities, read their press release. If you wish to learn more about Emisoft’s fully integrated, agile environmental management system, request a demo. 

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