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Emisoft 7 for Aquaculture – Accelerating EHS & Sustainability Performance

For many years, our environment management software platform has enabled Lerøy Seafood Group and several other clients in the fish farming and other sectors to significantly improve environmental compliance and performance. Now, the Aquaculture industry is set for a new, improved sustainability reporting experience.

With the release of Emisoft 7, we have created the most advanced and user-friendly environmental reporting platform yet, designed specifically with the needs of the Aquaculture industry in mind.

Satisfying Environmental and Sustainability Reporting Needs

Emisoft 7 collects and manages a wide range of information for Aquaculture companies including environmental, social and economic data, satisfying sustainability reporting needs for various stakeholders and meeting ASC compliance requirements.

Consolidated Production, Quality & Sustainability Data

All environmental and sustainability reporting is integrated with fish feed data and further integrations with internal production and quality systems are also available. The automated data transfers, consolidated data sets, visual dashboards and task lists dramatically reduce time spent on EHS and sustainability reporting and simplify ASC reporting.

Innovative Features and Functionality

You asked, we listened. Emisoft 7 delivers the important reporting features and functionality that Aquaculture companies have specifically requested to streamline and enhance EHS management and compliance with various standards. These include:

  • Automated calculation of ASC indicators

By applying about 150 performance indicators, the ASC helps to move the aquaculture industry towards greater sustainability. Emisoft 7 ensures Aquaculture companies can easily and effectively manage these standards by automatically calculating compliance with ASC indicators and streamlining the auditing process.

  • Frequent updates of all classifications and factors

Updates to environmental classifications and factors such as emissions factors are made regularly by environmental and government bodies. Emisoft 7 will update all classifications and factors applicable to the Aquaculture industry to ensure that you can continue to monitor and manage environmental performance and maintain a sustainable carbon footprint.

All background data is accessible and can be updated or adapted by the users to the specific requirements.

  • Integrated carbon and sustainability reporting

Our powerful environmental management solutions facilitates reporting across a number of carbon and sustainability standards including calculation of GHG results in accordance to CDP, GHG protocol and GRI sustainability standards.

environmental management report in Emisoft 7

  • Automated data transfer for feed producers

Emisoft 7 offers a host of new potential integrations including automated transfer of feed data from Biomar, Skretting and EWOS, providing more traceable and transparent reporting.

  • Integrated data transfer with production systems

It is also possible to integrate Emisoft 7 with internal production systems, simplifying and automating transfer of key production metrics with environmental performance and sustainability data.

  • EHS auditing questionnaires

Emisoft 7 provides the ability to easily set up questionnaires to collect descriptive data for CSR and EHS Standard questionnaires are provided to collect EHS and CSR information relevant for ASC reporting.

Flexible, customizable questionnaire forms can also be set up to include questions most relevant to a specific organisation’s policies and code of ethics.

  • Highly visual reporting dashboards

Our new reporting dashboards are simple to use and enable anyone in an Aquaculture organisation, from Fish Farmer to Production Managers to Quality Managers and Managing Directors, to easily analyse EHS progress and performance.

Emisoft 7 for Aquaculture EMS Dashboard

  • Easily customisable performance charts for internal and external reports

Aquaculture companies no longer need to create a vast quantity of reports for different purposes. Performance charts can be easily adapted to meet internal reporting needs as well as the specifications for external reporting to the ASC and other bodies.

  • Secure system access and flexible user handling

Apply varying user permissions for different system users in the organisations. Fish farmers and production workers can be assigned permissions to view only the data that is relevant to them while Quality and EHS responsible personnel and senior management can be granted full system access.

Sensitive information like financial data can also be disclosed to set users. Auditors can receive direct access to the tool to access collected data and documentation.

  • A wealth of core functionality

These new, advanced features for the Aquaculture industry are in addition to the core functionality of Emisoft 7 including seamless data export, simple, optimized data entry, quality assurance workflows, task lists and swift navigation.

Streamlined Reporting, Greater Sustainability

With Emisoft 7, our team has developed a powerful software solution for the Aquaculture industry, complete with a user-friendly interface, which delivers on all environmental compliance and ASC reporting needs for existing and future standards.

Get ready to accelerate sustainability performance and dramatically reduce time spent on EHS reporting with Emisoft 7.

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