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Preparing Organisations For Eco Lighthouse Certification

The Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme is the national scheme in Norway aimed at helping both SMEs and large corporations to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. Emisoft has observed a much higher demand for services related to achieving this certification over the past 12 months and particularly since the turn of 2018.

The certification was recently approved by the EU as a scheme with the same level of quality of ISO14001/EMAS and has frequently proven profitable for the organizations that achieve it, either by attracting new clients and talent, or by finding ways to avoid costs by using resources in a more sustainable way.

Eco-Lighthouse companies must meet the specific requirements set out by the scheme for their sector or industry and undergo an independent assessment as well as submit annual environmental reports. There are customized requirements relating to the energy, waste, transport, procurement and the work environment outlined for 72 different industries across the public and private sector.

eco lighthouse certification scheme

Recognised certifiers for the Eco-Lighthouse scheme

While our environmental management software can help to easily produce the annual environment reports required, Emisoft also provides consulting services to assist clients with gathering all the correct data, information and evidence required to meet Eco-Lighthouse certification.

As a recognised environmental certifier for the scheme, we are responsible for ensuring that our clients fulfil all industry criteria, completing final checks to ensure all requirements have been satisfied and uploading all documents, environmental reports and environmental statements to the web portal. If everything is in order, the work will be approved and the Eco-Lighthouse certification issued to our client.

Emisoft team

Current Eco-Lighthouse certification projects

At the moment we are working with a number of clients to secure Eco-Lighthouse certification, including Hordaland Fylkeskommune, Haugesund Kommune, and Sparebanken Vest.

Sparebanken Vest is a large bank in western Norway that have chosen to certify their offices under the Eco-Lighthouse scheme using the “main office” model. This is where a number of criteria, such as purchasing policies and EHS systems can be fulfilled by the head office, and remaining branches only need to focus on the criteria that are specific to them, such as waste handling. With the help of an Emisoft environmental management consultant, the bank has achieved certification for its head office and is currently working on the plan for certifying its branch offices.

Hordaland Fylkeskommune (county) and Haugesund Kommune (city) are also using this “main office” model. Our team of environmental consultants are working directly with them as their environmental certifier, to verify that each school, kindergarten, and dental office meets the criteria specified for them under the Eco-Lighthouse certificate scheme.

Working towards a more sustainable future

The Eco-Lighthouse certification enables small, medium and large enterprises to put a sound structure in place for ensuring sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. Securing Eco-Lighthouse certification can offer competitive advantage and is demonstrative of a commitment to sustainability, satisfying a growing demand from consumers across several industries.

For more information on how Emisoft can help your business to secure Eco-Lighthouse certification, please feel free to contact our expert team.

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