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Industry: Chemicals

How Borealis Achieve Compliance and Sustainability

As one of Europe's largest chemical producers, Borealis needed a way to track environmental data and meet their sustainability and compliance goals.

Founded in 1994 as a merging of Neste and Statoil operations, leading chemical manufacturer Borealis has always had one eye on sustainability, but they wanted to better integrate environmental performance with their business strategy.

When the time came for them to choose a system for managing environmental reporting and compliance, Borealis required a powerful, seamless reporting system.

“We needed to track emissions, waste amounts, energy usage and water consumption across all our plants internationally, and we needed the information to be easily accessible and verifiable for audits” says Christopher Zachhuber, Group Expert Environment and Energy, HSE at Borealis.

This short case study explores how an agile EMIS has helped Borealis to achieve consistent, traceable environmental compliance while boosting corporate performance.

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Emisoft gives us a central perspective, where we can see all data and factors, and how variations impact our performance. Our reports, audits and sustainability success depend on Emisoft.

Christopher Zachhuber, Group Expert Environment And Energy - HSE, Borealis