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Ensure compliance, traceability and
transparency across environmental reporting applications.

Emisoft helps you monitor, measure, manage and report on every aspect of your organisation’s environmental performance, with integrated calculations and automated features to streamline everything from emissions and waste management to environmental incident reporting and noise sampling.
Choose from the included core environmental reporting applications or work with us to develop and build custom environment reporting applications to meet your requirements. All applications are processed on the same powerful environmental reporting platform, enabling seamless connections and combined data management.

Discharge to Water

Ensure compliance with precise, detailed reporting

Emisoft helps customers navigate the particular challenges of accurately measuring discharge to water and meet strict regulatory requirements at international, national and regional levels. Our environmental reporting solution streamlines the process of entering total discharge data, with or without sensors, and uses advanced calculations to record discharge to water. Additionally, our environmental reporting software can support multiple water parameters, such as physio-chemical water quality or biological elements, and parameters can be customised to meet your specific reporting needs.

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Fuel Management

Gain applicable insight into fuel consumption

Consistent, accurate environmental reporting on fuel consumption does more than help you meet regulatory requirements and emissions standards—it can offer invaluable insights into the quantities and types of fuels being used as well as how they are being consumed and how all of it impacts your business. Emisoft’s environmental reporting software enables companies to gain immediately applicable insights into their fuel consumption.

Emissions to Air

Organise and understand your real emission profile

Beyond satisfying international, national or regional regulations, Emisoft’s method for reporting emissions to air lets clients like Hydro collect, organise, calculate and understand emissions in every detail. Our environmental reporting software combines data from energy generation, fuel combustion, fugitive emissions, measured emissions and calculated emissions into reports for both internal purposes and external requirements.

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Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Set accurate targets for greenhouse gas emissions

Our corporate carbon solution enables simplified, consistent and transparent greenhouse gas reporting, which can mean significant time and resource savings. Working with ecoinvent, the world-leader in environmental impact data, Emisoft provides smarter, more sophisticated environmental reporting functionalities that let you measure scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions across daily operational activities as well as set targets and review progress for managing emissions.

Waste Management

Improve waste management with integrated data

Know what kind of waste was generated and when, who handled it and how it was disposed of or recycled, for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Our environmental reporting software solution also classifies waste types by national and international waste codes depending on your compliance reporting needs. It distinguishes classes of waste and groups results to help you understand, analyse and better manage your organisation’s waste production.

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Water Management

Understand what affects your water consumption

Efficient water management requires a comprehensive understanding of your use of different water types and sources, your water reuse rate and the amount of effluent generated. Emisoft’s environmental reporting software lets you track, measure and manage all aspects of your organisation’s water use with accurate, traceable data collection, transparent calculations and informed insights to help improve water performance.

Chemical Management

Expand your understanding of chemical data

Our sophisticated import and integration methods of data collection allow customers like Borealis to see detailed chemical composition and classification information, which can be used for follow-up on discharge consent and further reporting to regulatory bodies. Emisoft environmental reporting software collects chemical data in the Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) as required by OSPAR member countries. The system also supports chemical evaluation and substitution management to help you reduce the environmental effects of your chemical usage and discharge.

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Noise & Vibration Sampling

Evaluate the impact of noise and vibrations

Our environmental reporting and performance management software supports noise and vibration sampling data collected as either stationary (location-based) or personal (employee-based) samples. Sample start and end times are recorded automatically, and various noise parameters, such as LAeq and LAF can be entered. Additionally, customisable master data lets you choose sampling and analysis methods to suit your needs.


Track upstream and downstream activity with ease

Production data is widely variable across activity and location, and precise reporting is required to maintain permissions and meet demand. The Emisoft platform collects production data for upstream and downstream activities, storing both net and gross figures and maintaining import and export data between units, helping companies like global aluminium producer Hydro to cut $300 from the production cost of every tonne of aluminium.

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Laboratory Reporting

Achieve accurate, unbiased sample analysis

Emisoft environmental management software includes in-built calculations for efficient sample taking and analysis for air, water and soil. This specification helps ensure consistent collection and automated processing, resulting in high-quality analysis data that can be used for reporting or for additional examination.

Oil Drilling

Improve performance with detailed drilling data

Our comprehensive data collection gathers information from drilling operations at a per-job and section level, including mud, cuttings, chemical usage, discharge and more. The added detail enables clients like Equinor to achieve total fluid management of drilling operations to help improve performance, manage permits and monitor environmental impact. Additionally, Emisoft environmental management software can support customers in various reporting processes, both to authorities and voluntary.

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Radioactivity Reporting

Improve radioactivity reporting with qualitative data collection

National authorities require organisations to report radiation data at the facility level and according to the different processes generating or using radioactive substances. Emisoft environmental reporting software makes this process easier and more effective by tagging data with additional detailed information, such as radioactive nuclide, activity in becquerel (Bq) and more.

Incident Reporting

Benefit from simplified, accurate incident reports

Our comprehensive incident reporting workflow can be updated anytime by the user to document environmental, chemical, safety and vehicle incidents, as well as near-miss and human rights incidents. Verdantix named Emisoft as a leading EH&S software provider, highlighting our readily configurable forms and workflows, and the conditional logic used in our reporting forms, which helps users easily satisfy compliance standards.

Energy Management

Simplify and streamline energy reporting

Successful reporting of energy consumption and management of energy efficiency is critical to any organisation’s overall sustainability. Emisoft environmental management software helps you simplify and streamline reporting of energy consumption, benchmark locations, companies, business units or regions to not only monitor performance but also automatically calculate emissions and environmental impact so you can take action.

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