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The 7th Generation of Environmental Reporting – Emisoft 7

It’s here! We are excited to announce the release of Emisoft 7, replacing TEAMS SR as the new, advanced version of our environmental management reporting solution. Over the course of the last 25 years, our knowledge and expertise has been consistently growing and we have gained deep insight and understanding of the functionality that is important and valuable to our users.

With the 7th generation of our environmental reporting software, we have streamlined and simplified the entire reporting lifecycle. While our core expertise and focus remains on environmental data management, we also now support a wider range of non-financial CSR, Sustainability and EHS reporting requirements, to ensure completely traceable and transparent reporting in one system.

What can you expect from Emisoft 7?

  • The most user-friendly EMS interface

In Know-IT, we found a reputable, established marketing and user experience partner to help us achieve a modernized user interface. Emisoft 7 offers the most user-friendly EMS interface yet, providing a fast and clear overview of all relevant information for the different users and roles in the system.

  • Simple, swift navigation

Access functionality quicker with our streamlined navigation paths. Get deep into data without minutes of continuously clicking your mouse to navigate to the functionality or data area you wish to work on. Despite the wealth of data stored in your environmental management system, we’ve also made updates to ensure that Emisoft 7 users can enjoy rapid page loading times.

  • Faster data entry

We’ve simplified our forms even further to ensure speedy data entry. Now users can apply matrixes for data entry or employ questionnaires for qualitative data collection.

Any data input or data review requirements are also now made immediately visible on log in under the “To Do” section, ensuring that even those who don’t regularly use or who are new to the Emisoft environmental reporting solution can instantly log in and identify actions which need to be addressed.

  • Multiple, fully customizable dashboards

Our intuitive, comprehensive dashboards have always been a stand-out feature of our environmental management software. However Emisoft 7 takes our reporting features and functionality to a whole other level. Our new standardized reporting dashboards provide an overview of the entire organizations environmental performance while our fully customizable personal dashboards provide the user with an expansive set of available charts and analysis tools, for meeting internal and external reporting needs.

We’ve even simplified the chart generation process enabling users to easily import or create their own chart templates, which can be used to display data for internal or external reports.

environmental management report in Emisoft 7

  • Implementation of a task manager

Emisoft 7 includes a helpful task manager to guide and control data entry process. The task manager issues automated email reminders and tasks for ongoing data entry activities to ensure close follow up of data QA processes. The task manager also offer QA workflows which are easy to adapt to the needs of the various EHS reporting disciplines.

  • Improved user and role handling

With Emisoft 7, you can give users varying levels of permissions and access to certain data sets and functionality. User permissions can be refined to a flexible level of granularity so that management can ensure high a level of data security and minimise the risk of error.

By pre-defining the system access levels of a user, it in turn helps them to focus on their specific assigned tasks and ensures a simple navigation as they are not presented with functionality, features or data that they do not need.

  • Highly secure system access

Choose whether users log in to the Emisoft 7 EMS via single sign on authentication (the use of one user ID and password to access multiple or different systems within the organization), Windows authentication (user name and password are hashed before being sent across the network) or basic authentication (use of password and user name). Managers have a clear overview of system access activity and can analyse the times and dates when users are/were logged in or out of the environmental management software platform. Finally, the system tracks constantly all changes of data ensuring a clear view of who did what and when.

  • Progressive data import functionality

Emisoft 7 ensures data import is a low risk, seamless process. Our newest software release not only provides set data import templates, it validates import data before import to ensure all data is correctly mapped against your organization and master data. The system will then correct any identified errors to ensure the import of high quality data sets.

Users can choose to import an entire file or select only certain rows of data to import. A progress bar will keep you updated on the status of your import once you have uploaded. If importing large amounts of data with complex calculations, the new system can delay the result calculation until a specified period where usage of the software will be low, such as after office hours, so that users can continue to use the EMS without any delays in system loading.

The future of environmental management reporting

In Emisoft 7, our team has developed a software solution which fulfils comprehensive environmental reporting requirements for all involved stakeholders yet is user-centric, with a clean, modern, guided interface. There’s no question about it – the 7th generation of Emisoft is the world’s most powerful, agile environmental management solution.

Request a demo to explore how Emisoft 7 can improve environmental reporting and accelerate environmental performance in your organisation.

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